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Pastor Ray Williamson

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Seminole, AL

Seminole Baptist Church

Born Raymond John Williamson Jr., 26 June 1962 in Philadelphia, PA, Brother Ray was raised in Levittown, PA and graduated from Neshaminy Maple Point High School in 1980. Less than 1 week later he was in Fort Bliss, El Paso, TX for Army Boot Camp. It was here for the first time ever that he spoke to a born-again Christian (John Carter) who told him how to be saved.

Not being raised in church and being educated by the public school system of America, Ray Williamson was a proud evolutionary atheist and lived like it (eat, drink and be merry for tomorrow we die).

For seven years after first being convicted by the Holy Ghost, he argued with God (as all atheists do) that he didn't exist and that the Bible wasn't true. Now serving in the U.S. Coast Guard and turning 25 years old he had come to the end of himself.

He often reflects on the events of his 25th birthday when he woke up after turning 25, went into the bathroom, looked at himself in the mirror after a long night of partying and asked himself, "Is this all there is to life". To that point he had sought out everything that the world had told him to pursue to find pleasure and happiness but now found himself in total misery, alone in the world, without hope and without God.

At this same time his wife Becky, who had been saved at the age of 13 at a Billy Graham Crusade but was living life as a backslidden, undercover Christian, began praying for him. She came across a TV broadcast on the local cable access channel called "Drawing Men to Christ". The program was being aired by Victory Bible Baptist Church under the leadership of Pastor Jesse Smith.

Drawing Men to Christ is a ministry of Christian Video Ministries and features televised broadcasts of renowned Preacher and Chalk Talk Artist Dr. Peter S. Ruckman.

After watching several successive broadcasts of Dr. Ruckman's preaching, Ray Williamson became "Brother Ray Williamson" the 19th of July 1987 upon watching and listening to a sermon entitled "The Wasted Life". Since the time of his new birth in Christ, Brother Ray has determined to preach and defend the faith that he once sought to destroy.

Pastor Williamson graduated from Pensacola Bible Institute in 1992 while still serving in the Coast Guard in Mobile, AL and then started and pastored Bible Believers Baptist Church for three years in Petaluma, CA. Subsequently he has received a Bachelors of Theology Degree from Andersonville Baptist Theological Seminary and also earned an Associates degree from the University of Phoenix all still while serving his country in the U.S. Coast Guard.

Upon his transfer to Mobile, AL in 2000 he became Chaplain of the Escambia County Regional Juvenile Detention Center. Prior to his retirement from the Coast Guard in 2003 with 21 1/2 years active military service, he was called to the First Baptist Church in Seminole, AL where he now Pastors.

Pastor Ray Williamson has remained married to his loving and faithful wife Becky since 24 December 1983. Together God has graciously given them four children to raise for his glory: R.J. (Raymond John, III), Ryan Joseph, Rachel Lee, and Randy James.

Pastor Ray Williamson gives all the glory for his new life and for all that he is and has to his Lord and Risen Savior Jesus Christ. He believes the Authorized King James Holy Bible to be the infallible, perfect, preserved, scriptures and preaches and teaches it as such.