Friday Night Teen Night

Our Friday "Teen Night" is a weekly ministry to help and encourage our young people.  We have prayer and praise time, preaching and bible study, games, snack and outdoor sporting events, etc.  hope you can come out and join us soon!

For teens with younger siblings, there is an activities class for young children,as well as the 'Lil Keepers at Home class for girls ages 7-10.
Transportation is available through the Van Ministry.  For transportation or more information,
please call Seminole Baptist Church (251) 946-3382. 

Please call Mrs. Angelica Kruger for more information (251) 284-2360

During Friday Night Teen Night, there is
a class available for young girls
ages 7-10 called 'Lil Keepers at Home. 
This class is designed to help little girls gain the skills and desire to be a Keeper at Home!  The girls always have a great time and have made:  chocolate "mice", held tea parties, created menus to help Mommy cook, And are studying thru the "Beautiful Girlhood" book & Starting a Prayer Journal etc...
The girls earn badges for completing projects and memorizing Scripture.  The badges are then ironed on to their
"Keepers at Home Aprons".

Class is Friday night 7:00PM-8:30PM and an evening snack is provided.


One of our favorite times of year is the 1st week in June! That is when you'll find us from 6:30-8:30PM holding our annual Vacation Bible School. Months of planning and much prayer is put into each VBS. Our VBS is unusual in that we hold it for ages 4-18. Our belief is that just because you are an older teenager, it does not mean that you are too old to learn more about God and the Bible. Several of our church teens have been helpers to the adult teachers of the younger grades. We have seen many children and teens get saved. Listed below are a few of the past year's themes.

Seminole, AL

Lil Keepers at Home

Seminole Baptist Church

Home School Fellowship

And he lifted up his eyes, and saw the women and the children; and said, Who are those with thee? And he said, The children which God hath graciously given thy servant.

                                ~Genesis 33:5

The Seminole Baptist Church homeschool fellowship is a fun, close knit family. The meetings
are held on the 1st Thursday of the month. Occasionally, a field trip will be planned.

Past Field Trips
The Escambia County Wildlife Preserve in Pensacola, FL.
Holland Farms in Jay, FL.
Naval Air Museum in Pensacola, FL.
Steve's Farm & Catfishing Pond in Walnut Hill, FL.
The Arcadia Mill in Milton, FL.

Past monthly meetings
A Visit to the Beulah Volunteer Fire Department
Back to School Bash at The Blue Angel Camping Resort
Field Day full of fun outdoor games

There are activities for everyone from kindergarten to 12th grade,
and any homeschooling family is welcome to attend!
Please call Mrs. Angelica Kruger for more information (251) 284-2360.

Please see our calendar for a list of scheduled events.

 Praise the Lord, our 2019 VBS "God's Superheroes" was the BEST EVER!

    Year/Title                        Highlights 

2018/Take a Stand!                                           Many children chose to take a stand for God

2017/Ship Ahoy!                                                    Water boat races & Bro. Ken Kraich

2016/The Whole Armour of God                           1 soul gloriously SAVED!   


2015/ Trees of the Garden                                   8 souls were SAVED this year!!

 2014/ Under Construction                                   The Teens built wooden benches

 2013/ Potter and the Clay                                   Children created their own pottery!

 2012/Branded for Christ                                        17 souls gloriously SAVED!!!

 2011/Treasure Seekers                                       Best decorated classrooms EVER!

 2010/Bearing Precious Seed                             Mule team demonstration on plowing 

 2009/I Want That Mountain                                     Rock climbing wall-COOL! 

 2008/Light of The World                                          Chalk artist Bernie Meret